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Why you may want to Sell Your Caravan

A caravan is a leisure vehicle that in general does not get used all year round. This means the caravan may be sat on an owners drive for 80% of the year.

If your caravan cannot be kept on your driveway then it will need to put into storage for the months it is not needed.

The cost of storing your caravan may over time become too expensive for you to keep paying out on.

Having a caravan does give you the freedom of having a holiday break whenever you want and will save money compared to staying in a hotel. However if your holiday breaks become less and less the saving on hotel costs may be outweighed by the storage cost. If you take less and less holidays the cost of the caravan storage can in essence make caravanning more expensive than staying in hotels.

So if the case the owner may end up deciding to sell their caravan.

On the other hand there are plenty of caravan owners who have their caravans for years. Many over time will want to upgrade theirs to a newer and more luxurious model. At this point they have the option either to sell it themselves or trade it in against the new caravan.

For whatever reason you have decided to sell your caravan the first thing to do is find out what the value of the caravan is. There are free caravan valuations online, these can help in giving you an online caravan valuation.

How to Calculate a Good Caravan Value

You need to carefully inspect your caravan first. The model you have, what you’ve done with it throughout the years, and the condition it’s in all have a role in the worth of the caravan.

Things to consider in a caravan valuation are:

1. Age of the caravan
The older the caravan is the less it will be worth.

2. Size of the caravan
Size is always a major consideration when estimating the value of your caravan. The better the size (in terms of value). When it comes down to it, the bigger caravan will always be more valuable than a smaller model, assuming all else is equal.

3. The condition of the caravan
Your ability to sell your caravan for more money depends on how well you’ve taken care of it.

4. The caravan’s service history
Potential purchasers are always more drawn to a service history with no gaps. Especially if a reliable caravan service centre can be found in the service history.

5. Has the caravan got added “extras”
Has things like an awning, or an air conditioning unit been added.
It’s probably worth more money if you’ve made improvements over the generic model that is manufactured.

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Other things that are included in Calculating Caravan Valuations

How well-maintained are the wheels and tyres?
What is the overall state of the paint and body of the caravan?
Since you’ve had it, have you had any significant repairs made to your caravan?
Do you believe it will require any repairs soon?
Are there any existing problems with the caravan that could prevent it from operating in a safe, effective, or ideal manner?
Examine your most recent service report to see if it mentions any potential issues.

Factors that will affect the final Caravan Value

Average Cost of Comparable Manufacturers and Models.
Start your search online wherever caravans are being sold. eBay, Autotrader, and other sites come to mind. You’ll quickly develop an understanding of what constitutes an expected or acceptable price.

Despite the fact that some models may resemble you almost perfectly, they may not be the same. Several models contain upgrades and extra features that could significantly increase their value over “basic” ones.
Hence, pay special attention to the caravans you look at. On the bright side, if yours has all the bells and whistles, you may find that it is worth more than all the other online “standard” models.

Current Market Conditions.
The cost of caravans on the market might vary depending on a variety of factors including the time of year.
The busiest time of year to purchase a caravan is from early spring through late summer (February to August). As the weather becomes better, a lot of enthusiasts become enthusiastic about organising their vacations for the year.
If you sell in the spring, you can get more money for your caravan.

If you’re having trouble figuring out a fair caravan value, you can use our free caravan valuation calculator.

If you’re buying or selling, we can help. Our Free caravan valuation calculator will make sure you don’t overpay for a caravan when you buy one.

But will also save you time and improve your prospects of a quicker sale, by calculating how much your caravan is worth on the market if you’re selling.

This will prevent potential purchasers from making lowball offers to you.

Our free caravan valuation calculator
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