Sell my caravan / Selling a caravan

I am sure you have thought, “how can I sell my caravan?” and found a few different options like advertising through Autotrader and other web advertising and even through caravan auctions.

Whatever way, selling a caravan is not easy.

Selling a caravan can be costly, time consuming and even frustrating. What starts as seeming easy can go on and on with the costs mounting up and the time extending by the week or month or indefinitely.

Even when you have found a buyer there is the security issues of having strangers looking over your caravan and home and whether their payment is secure and will clear. This explains why most people do not try to sell privately and end up part exchanging their caravan for a reduced value.

Selling a caravan this way means these caravan sellers miss out on cash buyers. Also the seller may want to just sell and not want to buy another caravan!

How to sell my caravan?

We solve the problem!

Our service is both simple and easy. We are the UK’s largest dedicated buyer of caravans and we are always looking to buy caravans.

So if you are thinking how can I sell my caravan, you need to speak to us.
We will provide you with a personal valuation and arrange delivery and secure payment – it really is that easy for you.

What to Do Now

The first step is for us to value your caravan

This is very easy, FREE and completely without obligation.

Our speedy valuation service is simple

Once valued we will advise you immediately with a cash offer valuation. It’s then up to you to decide to accept the offer. 
Once accepted we will arrange with you the collection date and schedule the secure payment to you.

It is really that simple and quick!