We Buy Any Caravan / We Buy Caravans

Are you thinking, “how do I sell my caravan?”

If so, then you need to contact us at The Caravan Buyers because we buy any caravan!

Over the past years we have dealt with hundreds of caravan sellers, all selling their caravans for different reasons.

There are a few questions and concerns that people always want to know which we answer on our FAQ’s page.

The first question we get asked is

“What sort of caravans are you interested in?”

We answer by saying we buy any caravan! Any make and model, new, old, large or small.
We buy any caravan from any makers, from makers Ace to Wingamm, we buy them all.

The second question we get asked is

“How much will it cost me to get my caravan valuation and sell my caravan?”

The answer is that the valuation of your caravan is FREE. Whether you choose to use our services or not, there is no charge.
We think you will choose us because we offer higher valuations than most and offer a quicker service than most.

How can we offer higher valuations?

We at The Caravan Buyers are able to work on lower margins than most because of the size of us and the way we work in general.

What to Do Now

The first step is for us to value your caravan

This is very easy, FREE and completely without obligation.

Our speedy valuation service is simple

Once valued we will advise you immediately with a cash offer valuation. It’s then up to you to decide to accept the offer. 
Once accepted we will arrange with you the collection date and schedule the secure payment to you.

It is really that simple and quick!